Listen Up

Listen Up image Hosted by Brian Berko, Justin Stein Airtime Tuesday 9pm
Tune in if you want to hear the ramblings, musings, and the occasional posturings of two self-aware and oddly successful premed students at YU. "Listen UP" gives you the opportunity to pick the brains of two guys who should definitely not be doing as well as they are, and understand why it is so surprising they've made it this far. If you know someone who just can't seem to avoid knocking over the tube of mustard at a restaurant, or if you have ever sent a completely inappropriate and insulting text to a girl you're flirting with while she's right next to you, then your probably the hosts of this show and deserve an audience to share your experiences with. So, prepare to think, laugh, occasionally cry, and probably cringe with Justin and Brian as they open up your world, until you decide broadcasting is not for them.