Station Manager

Gabi "Gabs and Chatter" Chutter

Gabi Chutter As the only female staff for WYUR, Gabi can be found in the kitchen (where she belongs and thrives) or on the field (softballin or goalkeeping). Also, she's the station manager... So that's cool.

Sales Manager

Benjamin Jamin Snowjamin


Program Director

Quacky "Zachary" Shulman

Ari Kaye Quack. Quack. Quacky only has this position because Ari Kaye got married and now has no time for unholy shenanigans such as WYUR. We miss you Ari.

Studio Technician

Benjamin "Lets Get This Bread" Spanjina

Ari Kaye Ben "knows a lot of practical halacha."

Executive Producer

Michael "Dick Wolf" Stark

Ari Kaye Michael hails from Los Angeles, California and will finish typing this later.

Director of Op

Raphael "Sureeeeeee" Alcabes

Ari Kaye Raph (not pictured) is Sephardic and is loving life here at Yeshiva University. He's currently going for his masters in engineering. You can always expect him to be planning some crazy koza, usually with his best bud, Jeffery (pictured left).

Creative Content Director

Dovie "Arts and Crafts" Solomon

Ari Kaye Dovie is a Sophomore at Yeshiva College and brings to the team his humor and incredible arts and crafts skills. Being CCD is something he's dreamed of all his life and one day he hopes to make the ultimate macaroni necklace.

Website Manager

Yisroel "Snap" Schatz

Yisroel Schatz

Schatz is the only one who really knows how to work the website and for that, we are ever grateful. Also, he's getting married this year so send gifts and money to the WYUR Station. Thanks.

Web Developer: Yair "Big Pocket" Silbermintz

General Radio Advisor: Shalom "Spam" Silbermintz