Gabi "Gabs and Chatter" Chutter

Gabi Chutter As the only female staff for WYUR,  


Ari "Ari fill this in - Gabi" Kaye

Ari Kaye Ari hails from San Jose, California and will finish typing this later.

Website Manager

Yisroel "Snap" Schatz

Yisroel Schatz

Yisroel is a Pre-Engineering/Math major in his 4th semester. When he is not lurking on the 2nd floor of the library he could usually be found in Teaneck, NJ. In his spare time, Yisroel enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, playing guitar, piano or whatever instruments are at his disposal and playing tennis and basketball. Yisroel loves trying new things and meeting new people. You can hear Yisroel (along with partner in crime, Isaac) on his show...

Web Developer: Yair "Big Pocket" Silbermintz

General Radio Advisor: Shalom "Spam" Silbermintz