Who We Are...

WYUR is a student-run station that prides itself on being a unique outlet for creative individuals to explore their talents in the form of radio broadcasting. The station boasts a wide spectrum of programming spanning many different genres including music, Judaism, humor, politics, and sports. When there are no shows airing, the station dedicates itself to playing an uninterrupted stream of the best music. The hard-working leaders at WYUR strive to constantly improve the platform in order to provide a quality experience for both showrunners and audiences.

What You Could Be...

WYUR actively searches for passionate students to run programming. You should join WYUR because it:

  • Develops public speaking skills.
  • Provides an outlet to talk about whatever you want.
  • Relieves the stresses of college in a fun manner.
  • Looks great on resumes.
  • Makes a great conversation starter at parties.

To get in touch about starting a show either contact us at wyurradio@gmail.com or fill out an application by clicking here.