Yisrael Shelanu (Yesh)

Yisrael Shelanu (Yesh) image Hosted by Ilan Hirschfield Airtime Sunday 9pm
Hey everyone! Welcome to Yesh, also known as Yisrael Shelanu.

You’re in college. You’re busy. You’re running around like crazy all day, every day.

Do you ever forget to make that once-a- week phone call home? Have you ever

realized that it’s been WEEKS since you made that call? This question doesn’t just

apply to our homes here in the United States, but also to our Jewish homeland,

Israel. Since we are physically apart from the land, we naturally find it very difficult

to connect to Israel on a daily level. Yisrael Shelanu, which translates to “Our Israel”

in Hebrew, looks to bring that connection to you once a week, every week, not just

maintaining that relationship but strengthening it. We must reject the Diaspora

mentality of disconnection because as long as we keep Israel in our minds and

hearts we will surely know that it belongs to us. Yesh’s mission is to bring you a

substantive station with relevant Israeli information, whether that’s latest news

updates, personal stories and interviews, upcoming anniversaries of major events in

Israeli history, mentions of the land of Israel in the Parsha, Israeli music, and more.

Note: To tune in to Yesh is to tune in to home.

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