Machlokes of the Week

Machlokes of the Week image Hosted by Akiva Clair and Yisroel Mayefsky Airtime Thursday 11pm
Klein@9 vs. Rubin@9. YC vs. Syms. Lake Como vs. Grandmas. Every single person at YU knows that our school is full of rich, heated arguments, and we're here to tackle them. Each week we'll bring in popular, knowledgeable guests and, along with host Yisroel Mayefsky (#machlokeswithmayefsky), they'll battle it out with the hopes that they'll be able so persuade the student body to adopt their views. Suggestions on topics to debate? Passionate about something and want to defend it to the death? Send us an email at or, and then we'll make sure to wait an inappropriately annoying amount of time before getting back to you.