DQMOT (Don't Quote Me on This)

DQMOT (Don't Quote Me on This) image Hosted by Yoseph Boniuk Airtime Monday 6pm Links Facebook
DQYOT is exactly what it sounds like … something I made up. I plan on this show being funny, topics will include such things as YU (a college), MTA (a high school associated with that college), YCDS (the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society—the YU play), Animals (things that are alive), Architecture (things people live in or use as shelter), Lego (things that humans play with), Animals (I just realized I said this one twice), Star Wars (that thing that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away), Harry Potter (that thing that happened in fiction in this galaxy a few years ago), Lord of the Rings (that thing about a ring), Morgan Freeman (a man who could read the phone book and make it sound interesting), Cartoons (like avatar or Tom and Jerry—it depends on my mood), TV (television—visual entertainment), Movies (like TV but usually not describing a series of events—I limit that statement because of series of movies—I’m looking at you LOTR, Sherlock, and Shrek), Etc. (You get the idea). I would also love to conduct interviews/have conversations with the listeners. This can be accomplished by calling 2129232471 during the show, but it would be best to contact me directly through the Facebook page beforehand, you could even sit with me in the recording room. Disclaimer: Please don’t quote me on this, I will not be fact checking and if it sounds wrong, odds are you should Google it to prove me wrong. For example, did you know that dentists say you should change your tooth brush every 2 weeks? Wrong, I just Googled it and it says you should change it every 3 to 4 months.